Giveaway Contest By Asus india And Mumbikar Nikhil #AsusIndia and #BeyondTheEdge

Myself Aojesh Shrivastava Belongs to the small city of Chhattisgarh Raigarh and i am studying in class 11th and i am 17 years old.

I am doing the online buisness of trading and selling my products online and i have a website in which i am posting my artworks and from here i get the opportunities of designing the magazine for the companies but with this Asus vivobook S i can secure my online business by its fingerprint sensor i can lock my laptop securely and nobody can login to it without my permission and with its high end processor which is i7 7th genration i can handle many of the orders very efficiently,now coming to my website i use photoshop and corel draw for my artworks but my current laptop lags very much which is also of Asus A555 series with i3 it takes upto 30sec for applying a single edit but if i could own Vivobook it will surely not take more than 2sec to apply a single edit and its nano bezel will help me to get a very good picture quality of what i edit and in the night also without any lighting to my surrounding i can get a very much good quality feel and so i am now planning to start a Tech youtube channel in which i am planning to post 2 videos daily

So its ram and processor combination will help me to render the video very fast and so i can upload it soon.

Also,i do travel a lot because of business purpose and my current laptop is very heavy upto 3 kg i think,but vivobook is very light so it will also help me to carry it properly with no tension and will reduce the weight of my luggage.

So,at last this Vivobook S will help me in these 4 ways

1.I can grow my online buisness very fast by multiple tabs.and will also help me in billing in my physical retail counter.

2.Can edit my articles very smoothly.

3.Can start my youtube channel soon with 2 videos daily.

4.Can travel with it with less weightage,and can work with this anywhere.

Thank You Nikhil Bhaiya and Asus India For Organizing this giveaway contest.

#BeyondTheEdge And #AsusIndia



Sorry guys i have been inactive for so much days but no need to worry just tune in to my website ASAP because the website is taking another form and is going official with domain And in some days it will be

Stay connected Guys.

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